Hanoi residents have always been proud of the richness of specialities in their city and sophisticated cuisine. Both specialities and ordinary dishes in Hanoi provide unique tastes that satisfy different eaters.

However, it is useful to know where to go and how to enjoy each of them.Some specialities are served in only fixed places in Hanoi, such as “Com Vong”, “Banh Com Hang Than”, “Cha ca La Vong”. The makers keep the secret to make their dishes unique throughout the line.Hanoi foodFor ordinary dishes, like “Pho Hanoi”, you’d better go out of the hotel, and enjoy it in a small restaurant on the streets. You’ll try different tastes in different restaurants.

As a matter of fact, some traditional dishes of Hanoi have come out of taste. There have appeared in Hanoi many new dishes, which may come from other town, even from aboard. Please consult the guide to restaurants to make your choices.

Though dishes in Hanoi are rich in number, they share common features. First- the combination of different tastes in a dish. For example, you’ll find at least 5 different spices in a bowl of “pho”: hot ginfer, pepper, chili, tasty cinamon, sour lemon, some onions and herbs…Spices and herbs are popular, probably for the richness of fruit and vegetable in the land of Hanoi.

Second – the harmony and moderation of dishes. Except for special dishes, Hanoi cooks rarely prepare dishes that are too hot or too salty. The amount of a dish is not large, just enough.

Compared with Asian dishes, Hanoi’s dishes don’t contain much fat or sugar. Vegetables are cooked in a way that they are eatable but still keep their natural colour at most. This way of cooking is very healthy to eaters, and make the dishes look fresh.

Hanoi dishes, numerous in number, delicious in taste , surely will satisfy any visitors and leave unforgettable taste.

Hanoi’s foods:

  1. Ha Noi noodle
  2. Lã Vọng fish
  3. Thanh Trì stuffed pancakes
  4. Vong young rice
  5. Rice vermicelli soup
  6. Vermicelli with grilled chopped pork (Bun cha)
  7. West lake shrimp in batter
  8. Gio cha
  9. Banh la
  10. Cold comfort (Banh troi, banh chay)
  11. Snail dishes
  12. Xoi
  13. Mut Tet
  14. Ga tan
  15. Everything cake, flexile bean
  16. Round sticky rice cakes with pork pie
  17. Dua hanh
  18. 18. Spices