Whether you are looking for a big city or small village, Morocco always has the best options for you and your family. Thanks to this the Morocco Tour are a success for tourists around the world. So, most of the people who do a Morocco trips and tours  look for the best places and the most famous cities, but sometimes there are places that are really good and they are not too famous; here we are talking about Taghazoute.

Taghazoute is a small fishing village for people who love surfing, it haves the best waves for them and this will keep you busy for a long time. So, if it is your first time visiting this lovely village, I will recommend things to do so you can take advantage of the opportunities you will get when you arrive here.

The main thing I recommend you to do is surf. Even if you never tried surfing before or if you are really scared about what might happen, noticing that you have this great opportunity you should give it a try, it is going to be fun and you are going to enjoy it! There are great surf lessons you can take here and I am sure you will live a new experience in your life. If you surf every day, then it will be funnier for you and you will love this place. And if you are looking for another activity which is also great to do, you can try doing yoga in L’Auberge. This place has an amazing terrace in which you will be able to do yoga and get the amazing views of this lovely village.

As you are in a village, with a beach and that fishing scenery, I recommend you to eat the traditional food of this kind of places: fish. Eating fish will be delicious, it is fresh and it will be a shame if you decline eating this delicious food. On the other hand, if you like shopping and you want to send your money on things besides food you should go to the souks that have some paintings that are really beautiful and will decorate your living room as you always wanted. These paintings are bright and it has affordable prices. If you buy at least one, you will remember Morocco and Taghazout every time you are in the living room, isn’t that great?

If you like looking at locals doing every kind of things, you may enjoy looking at a guy that tends to be near the beach with his guitar, singing some songs. If you are brave you can sing along some sings with him and just have a little fun. There are more people who do this and they seem really interesting, so as a new thing in the Morocco Tour try doing this. And if you are into animals more than into humans, you can adopt a little cat, they tend to be near the fish stalls playing. If you like adopting new animals or feeding cats, this could be a good opportunity to do it.

I told you about doing yoga in this place, but what about if you want to work out just as you used to do here? You can take a chance to work out in the beach and go for a run. The place is calm and it will give the energy that you need, also the sand is good and perfect for working out. When you finish working out, the best part is that you will be able to take a bath in the beach, relaxing isn’t it?