As a matter of fact, you need the legal documents to enter a country. Every country had made the laws and immigration policies. And it is necessary to abide by the laws and regulations to make your entry legal. Though many of has dreamt of visiting Canada many times. But we must apply for the Canada Visa Online to travel to Canada.

Get A Visa To Enter Canada:

Think of the situation when you try to enter Canada without a visa. You definitely have heard about how people attempt to enter Canada illegally. As a matter of fact, you will be aware of the treatment authorities with the intruders. So do not risk your life and apply for Canada Visa Online.

People generally apply for:

  • A study visa
  • Work permit
  • Visit visa
  • Skilled worker programs

You can also apply for extension in your visit, study or work visa. But you will get an extension in visa or not depends on your case. Before applying for a visa make sure that your passport has an expiry date yet. In addition, confirm that your passport has blank pages where you will get the visa stamps.

What Do You Need To Travel To Canada?

As we all know that no one can enter a country without valid documents. So you need the following documents to enter the Canada:

  • A valid visa
  • The Valid passport
  • And a valid Electronic Travelling Authorization Document

Without these documents, you cannot enter Canada. If you do not know about the electronic traveling authorization then for your information it is a document that allows you to entre and stay Canada for a specific period. The Eta is issued to the travelers coming from the visa exempt countries. If someone is entering Canada by air and is the resident of a visa exempt country, then he/she must have an Eta. In fact, the process of getting an Eta is not that much difficult.

You just have to fill an application form and submit online. One thing you should keep in mind while filling the form that you must have to write correct information. Then the authorities process your application. Your application will be approved within few minutes. And you will get an Eta within seventy-two hours.

Provide Your Information To Get AN Eta:

If you want to get an Eta for your family, then you cannot apply for all at a time. And if you are traveling to Canada with the family then every individual must have his/her separate Eta. You have to write your personal information including contact number, residential address, etc. Moreover, you have to provide information about your passport and the funds you have to travel to Canada. If the information you provided is correct, then you will get an approval within few minutes. Otherwise, you will not get approval. The fee for submitting an application form is $7 CAD. Within few hours you will get your Eta via e-mail.