Accidental Plagiarism As A Result of Incorrect Use of Anti-Plagiarism Tools

More often than not, students are being taught by academic institutions how they can prevent plagiarism so that they will be able to prevent themselves from suffering from the consequences for committing it. One such lesson they learn is the use of the plagiarism checker free. This tool is one of the most effective tools against plagiarism and can help students prevent its many forms, especially accidental or intentional plagiarism. However, such tool, when improperly used can still lead to plagiarism being committed. That is why as much as possible, not only students should learn about the basic concepts of a tool but also its proper use. To help you with that, this article will discuss to you how accidental plagiarism happens as a result of incorrect use of anti-plagiarism tools. Knowing this will help you prevent plagiarism.

Double or Single Quotes Are Not Used Properly

Double quotation marks are used to indicate to the readers of your paper that the statement enclose in double quotation marks means that this statement has been lifted from a source without changing anything to it. The double quotes should then be followed by citations to cite or acknowledge the original source of this statement. On the other hand, single quotes are used to borrow statements from a source that is already enclosed in double quotation marks. The single quotes will allow you to borrow an already borrowed information. Now, these tools are effective but not using them correctly can lead to plagiarism. So make sure when to use these quotation marks and to not interchange their usage so as to help yourself avoid being accused of accidental plagiarism.

Citations that Are Not Used Properly

Citations are one of the most effective tools against plagiarism. They are used to denote to the readers which parts of your paper are borrowed ideas from other people so that they will not accuse you of stealing the ideas of other people. However, citations can be improperly used, which will eventually result to plagiarism. For instance, using a specific citation style will most definitely result to plagiarism. Also, combining the use of various citation styles within a single paper is not allowed. Committing such things will result to you being accused of plagiarism and you do not want this to happen to you. So you should learn how to use citations correctly.

Now, you know that the misuse of tools can definitely result to plagiarism. So make sure to learn how to use such tools so as to avoid plagiarism. You should also utilize the plagiarism checker free to be able to detect and avoid plagiarism without paying for anything because as you can see, the tool is free.

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